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Shameless Self Promotion: My Upcoming Radio Interview


It’s official: I’m being interviewed on the Tom Riddell show this coming Monday, December 10th at 8pm in regards to my second book, “The Audio Sensory Guide to Schroedinger’s Cat”. 

This promises to be a fun evening as (among other things) we’ll be chuckling over some of my adventures ranging from talking and hanging out with the late Dr. Neil Armstrong, exploring the underground chambers of an abandoned SAC airbase to flying a plane after a (literally) five-minute lesson from somebody who was clearly an alcoholic (and who said that life has to be boring!).

To learn more about the interview, check out this link:


Also, to view the book directly, check out this link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/218166.

Lead us your ear and have a few laughs,…! And best of all, it’s free; can’t beat that!