Using Social Media To Your Advantage


You know who you are, but do others?

In years past, reputation and one’s ‘honor’ ere integral to one’s identity. To bear any shame or dishonor often reduced one’s social standing and status, leading to loss of income, home, opportunities or even family ties. We may recall dueling as something ‘quaint’ and ‘passe’ but lives were lost over the notions of perceived – or real – insults and shame, damning one’s reputation and social standing.

Similar acts take place today. Although the notion of dueling has passed, still one can suddenly find themselves the brunt of insults and jeers, loss of revenue or even a job over false and mistaken postings or inaccurate news articles published. Identity is still a very big part of our lies and increasingly over time reliance upon online access services has given fuel to social media sites which, in large part, define who we are to an unseen audience.

How you appear within online services can impact your ability to obtain services or loans, job positions or contracts; perception can be everything.

But rather than allow others to define you, it’s time to take a more aggressive and less passive approach: define who you are – for yourself.

This is not to suggest you ‘exaggerate’ (or lie) as over time, this approach can lead to more complications and potentially greater damage than if you were to remain within the confines of who you are – truly.

What we’re shared in these series of articles is:

*recognize the need to control your reputation and your online identity by controlling who you really are;

*focusing on your experiences and skills and how to link your name in an effective manner;

*understanding the various social media platforms, how they function in terms of traffic and visibility.

Naturally, one can choose not to delve into the realm of social media, but to do so is to invite a loss of control – especially if one is involved in day-to-day modern world living and working. To be certain, there are many who voluntarily choose not to have their activities, points of view or actions published on social media platforms. But increasingly, information about who we are and what we do appear on a multitude of platforms – some of which may not truly offer an accurate view of who we are. Additionally, it is increasingly challenging for those who do not partake in social media as they find themselves losing out on potential job opportunities, programs or other benefits which come through access of same.

You are who you are; it’s time to let others see you shine.

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