More Shameless Self-Promotion: Know Thy Rules


Once again I’ve been busy (sorry for the delays in posting) and I’ve published yet another work. This one is entitled “Another Book of Thirty-Three (33) Rules Regarding Life”. It’s based on my own experiences and insights from others distilled into a brief book ready for reading for when you’re bored, dozing off in the office cubicle or going to the bathroom.

Self-help / instructional books are big nowadays; it’ a good business to tell everybody else how they have to stop feeling and when there’s so much of people feeling bad about themselves (and no wonder!). But it also begs the question: of there’s so much good advice gong about, how come things are just, well, the same old shit? I’ve actually taken the time to read some of these books – and even glanced at a few more. It’s all the same: more often than not a group of Pollyanna’s who have returned from whatever mountain they’ve climbed to bring us the news and the way to a better life, better work or career, better relationship – whatever. And all for $10.99.


To be sure, good (and grounded) advice will always be in demand, but sorting through the pile of dung to get to the diamond can be rather tiresome – and so with this in mind, I undertook a series of notes for the past several months of people and what I observed. I then pulled together prior words of wisdom from those before me and collated all into one, er, tome. I deliberately avoided the mumbo-jumbo psychological jargon, the ‘feel-good’ spiel and laid it all out as it truly is: it’s a rough and mean world, but somebody’s got to make fun of it all.

Check out “Another Book of Thirty-three (33) Rules Regarding Life” at Smashwords: it come in all flavors ‘ formats (kindle, Mobi, Apple, Palm, etc.) and it readily available for download.

And besides, where else can you go to get infinite wisdom for a mere $2.99?

Get the book:


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