More Shameless Promotion: “Tweet: The Book”

cover_tweetOkay, I admit it: I’m guilty but dammit, somebody’s got to do it as my marketing budget is, frankly, flat.

So what does shamelessly self-promoting my latest book have anything to do with the ongoing critique and review of technology and social trends that you’ve come to know and enjoy here at Shockwaverider?

It’s all about the tweets.

Twitter is a fast growing social phenomenon. Stop and think about it: if you could say something in 140 characters as opposed to a e-mail (who writes letters anymore?), which would you do? Right – you’d probably (along with the rest of us ) tweet away!

Which brings up an important point: to what extent is the value of our messages getting subdued? When you stop and think about it, you lose a lot in 140 characters.

As recently as several weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported on a new recruiting trend: tweet resumes. That’s right: here’s your chance to distil everything you learned though hard experience, years of toil and umpteen amounts of student loans – into 140 characters.

Kind of makes you really want to get out of bed, doesn’t it?

Building on that notion, What “Tweet: The Book” does is to conduct a re-write of history: making it all into tweets.

Actually, it was kind of fun: like eating potato chips, only not as greasy or as many crumbs and not as fattening.

So feel free to go to Smashwords (see link below) and download a copy. Laugh at what Napoleon might’ve said at Moscow; marvel at what Thomas Edison (could have) had to say about Tesla or finally learned what the Mona Lisa REALLY was smiling about (well, maybe not but we’ll never really know, although I like my reason the best).

There’s even a few ‘Tweet Haiku’s” thrown in for good measure – and for good laughs.

And yes, stay tuned for “Tweet: The Movie” where all dialogue is no more than 140 characters long.


PS: for $2.00 US dollars you can’t go wrong,…!

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