The Ultra Rich: They’re Not Like You or Me, But They Sure Make Things Interesting


At no time in human recorded history has the individual actions or decisions made by a select few carry such a tremendous impact upon the many. For good or bad, that’s the reality we face in today’s modern society – and we’d better deal with it.

We’re not talking about the court of Louis the 16th, or the reign of the Russian Tsar’s (although their impact, though no less great, is nowhere to compare with today’s rapid and worldwide spread, courtesy of technology: what one says or does can be, depending upon circumstance, felt worldwide in mere moments).  To be certain, some things will never change (as witnessed by the latest from the Borowitz Report, “Billionaires Warn Higher Taxes Could Prevent Them From Buying Politicians”: (; those who have the gold make the rules. ANd, as to be expected, those who have will continue to gather more and utilize their resources to protect their interests.

On the flip side, however, there’s the extreme (un)reality argued by the Tea Party adherents and funded by such luminaries as the Koch Brothers ( to the point where it’s clear that some of what is being issued is not rational (i.e., ‘leave your government hands off of my medicare!’), while an incredibly intolerant and vociferous minority act out against those who are in the majority. You know it’s not a good sign when the U.S. Senate Minority Leader actually goes forth and filibuster’s against his own bill for the simple purpose of being recalcitrant! (

This is becoming a problem.

The actions of these political extremists directly reflect and expose the true interests of the ultra wealthy and powerful. Extreme money seems to excuse those from acting above and beyond social norms and the law – witness as another example, John McAfee’s Guatemalan / Belize adventures, or (as previously discussed in this blog, “”) we also recall the actions of one notable wealthy individual who took it upon themselves to directly conduct actions which have an incredible long-term large-scale environmental impact that we’re only just now beginning to appreciate!

Those who have the gold make the rules, but the rules are there for a reason – and it seems that increasingly, these folks are forgetting the purposes for the rules in the first place.

Case in point: Derivatives.

Derivatives remain the most impactful inventions ever made in human history: a totally new way of viewing and manipulating the financial markets in ways and means that few – if anyone – can truly understand (including the advocates of such machinations) – and if anyone tells you they truly understand derivatives, they probably really don’t know what they’re talking about.

Derivatives are a damning example of a lack of social responsibility lending toward outright financial and political corruption. Derivatives were not to everyone’s benefit: witness the collapse of worldwide markets.  Somebody made some money – and odds are, it was only the few, leaving many to (in some cases, literally) starve. But despite this chaos and despite much of what has taken place in the past several years – the housing collapse, record unemployment and massive economic displacement – there still those who want more at the cost of those who just truly want.

Just as we cannot allow the tyranny of the majority to overrun the rights and respects of those in the minority, so too must the minority – regardless of their standing – learn to accept what has transpired and step aside to allow the majority to act. There is now, more than ever before, the need for constructive dialogue and intelligent action, otherwise the long-term prognosis is not a good one.

Rising social and economic instability is not for anyone’s long-term benefit; to be certain you can (assuming you’re in the right place at the right time) make a quick buck in such scenarios, but otherwise as history has shown the likely ultimate development to arise from continued socio/economic dislocation and the failure to recognize and respect the rule of law is not good,…


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