The Road To Hell,…

…is paved with good intentions as noted by a rather disturbing and underreported event. Earlier several months ago, scientists and government officials, through satellite imagery, detected an unusual plume of iron sulfate in the waters off of British Columbia, midway between Alaska and the continental waters in the area around Queen Charlotte Sound. Initially, officials suspected illegal industrial dumping as the waters were identified as having high levels of iron oxide. Following the dump, a remarkable chemical reaction then took place: tremendous outgrowth of plankton in a rather large area.

Turns out it wasn’t industrial espionage, but rather an effort by a wealthy and ‘idealistic’ individual to change our weather pattern.

Before you get to thinking that this is some sort of typical James Bond story: wealthy individual who’s stone cold crazy decides to take on the world in order to destroy it, think again: this is really about a wealthy investor who’s stone cold crazy and decided to take on the world in order to save it, but at the risk of destroying it in the process. And the sad part is that there’s no James Bond character figuring in any of this: no explosions, no wild sex with incredible women or fantastic tech tools and cars: just lots and lots of boring scientific charts, satellite imagery and court documents.

But the impact is just as bad – if not worse.

The confessor proudly admitted to doing such – and he’s none other than Russ George, an American entrepreneur. George was the one who literally dumped a hundred tons of iron sulfate into the warm water currents of the Pacific Ocean, creating a tremendous outburst of plankton growth. George had been chief executive of a company called Planktos Inc. and George is no stranger to this type of weirdness. As noted,

Those previous failed efforts to conduct large-scale commercial dumps near the Galapagos and Canary Islands led to his vessels being barred from ports by the Spanish and Ecuadorean governments. The US Environmental Protection Agency warned him that flying a US flag for his Galapagos project would violate US laws, and his activities are credited in part to the passing of international moratoria at the United Nations limiting ocean fertilization experiments.

George told the Manchester Guardian that the recent dump in discussion is “the most substantial ocean restoration project in history,” and that he has collected “a greater density and depth of scientific data than ever before…. We’ve gathered data targeting all the possible fears that have been raised [about ocean fertilization]…. And the news is good news. All around. For the planet.”

Aw shucks, gee whiz, Russ; thanks for the good news – NOT!

You’re a real schmuck, Russ.

In theory, the approach is not as bizarre as it sounds: plankton blooms are capable of sucking large amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere and eventually sequestering it deep in the ocean. Of course, nobody’s ever really studied the long-term impact of what happens when the deep water ocean holds an excessive amount of carbon, but that’s a minor detail,…right?

So before we get all weepy eyed at Russ George’s eco-vigilantism, let’s make something clear: nobody really knows the true, long-term and greater overall impact of this act, especially as it’s still continuing to unfold – and this isn’t just another high school chemical class experiment: it’s about where we live, exist and hope to continue dong such.

Could somebody give this guy a good slap in the back of the head – I mean, really, really, really hard?

And BTW: George’s company is also involved in carbon credits trading: he has long sought to create lucrative carbon credits to trade on international markets.  So it begs to ask the question: is this an effort by George to ‘fix the market’ so to speak and cash in on the results – sort of long-term effort at selling the market short? Hey, why stop there: why not send chemicals into space, create artificial clouds and dramatically cool the Earth off that way? Hm; then again maybe not: as history has shown with prior volcanic reactions, such events created disastrous winter conditions leading to substantial kill off of the human population,…

Do you see the point?

We’ve reached the point in human history where individuals with the wherewithal and means can conduct acts brazen and open without any consideration whatsoever to the rest of us.

Gee, Russ, but I’d like my children to grow up, too; after all, they have a life and you didn’t bother consulting with any of us about to your actions. And the worst part of all of this is that Russ truly believes this notion that his actions are justified, regardless of what outcome may arise because, well, he knows better than the rest of us.

According to Russ George’s arguments, it’s his world, and we just happen to be in it.

This is the very same asinine attitudes being exposed by those who disavow any notion of global warming – despite the overwhelming – and still growing evidence to the contrary. And yet those dingbats continue plowing on ahead in building up more factories and development at the cost of the environment and our planet.

Russ George, you’re a selfish ass-ho; you’re as bad an ass-ho as those whom you denounce.

Two ass-hos certainly don’t make a genius.

As a final note, officials are not certain how to prosecute this act (!) even though he violated several international laws and United Nations covenants. George is arguing that he convinced the council of an indigenous village adjacent to (well, adjacent is such a vague term; I mean we are talking about an area hundreds of square miles!) to approve the project.

And evidently, there was no scientific assessment attached to the experiment, which does carry potential risks. It’s like somebody (who just happens to be a rich multimillionaire) just went to their local library, took out a high book chemistry book, did a little reading, hired a bunch of planes and dumped a pile of shit into the ocean (oh, and after speaking with a local village – which also begs the question what was said and offered to the village,…?).

Oh, I don’t know, but somehow I hold the notion that no village on earth should have the power to judge, let alone decide upon an act which directly impacts our entire world – let alone an act that we’re not certain what the long term impact will be.

Now imagine if this was done by an international terrorist group,…

Let’s face it: some folk shouldn’t be allowed to hold a driver’s license, let alone possess the means to unilaterally act in such a manner – no matter how ‘high handed’ or ‘well meaning’ it may be (after all, Hitler REALLY DID BELIEVE that he was doing the world a favor with his incredibly sadistic, insane and utterly disgusting acts – and hence, why Wehrmacht soldiers were issued a belt buckle with the inscription ‘God Mit Uns’ – ‘God is With Us’ because Hitler really did think that God was with him!).

I therefore nominate Russ George for the Cyanide Breathmint Award: because some people should do us all a favor and bite it.

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