The CIA and Jeff Bezos: Working Together For (Our?) / The Future

In one of my prior posts I spoke at length regarding the recent efforts by the cool folks at the University of California – Berkeley who were able to fool a number of ‘qubits’ into allowing them to see if the proverbial cat (as in Schroedinger’s Cat) was alive or dead. In the words of Penny (from the television show “The Big Bang Theory”) ‘the cat is alive!’

And apparently the cat is alive – in more ways than one. Recently, what just leaked out is an ongoing ‘joint effort’ by none other than Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame (as in the founder and CEO, etc.) allying himself with none other than the United States Central Intelligence Agency – aka the CIA.

Amazon and the CIA in a business alliance?

Holy Sh*t, Batman!

And all of this is taking place in none other than a Canadian technology firm based out of Vancouver. Yes, Vancouver: the same city where most, if not nearly all of the X-Files episodes were filmed.

Amazon and the CIA in Vancouver?

So are aliens also involved?

Are you getting goosebumps yet?

Now, to some, it would be merger of two of the more tremendously powerful (and some would even say evil – as in BWAHAHAHHAAAA!) forces within our Known Universe. Regardless of what or how you feel, the fact is apparently notable folks think that there’s gold in thar hills of Quantum Computer Land.

What you may not be aware is that this has been going on for awhile – and they’ve been making big strides. In fact, what some critics have been saying on the subject of Quantum Computers that this is technology that may not be ready for another generation (i.e, twenty years) or so may very well be incorrect. Some industry experts are suggesting that quantum computers may become reality within the next several years (i.e, perhaps within the range of three to five years) and that shortly there after, they will be an item readily commoditized (i.e., as in you can buy one for yourself or for your company).

Imagine linking a series of quantum computers together into a cohesive network: using all that incredibly fast and powerful processing power opens staggering possibilities: cryptological utilization (that’s code breaking to you), advanced warfare planning, investment market strategies, weather forecasting, SkyNet, Neuromancer, er, ah,…

You get the idea: this is big.

It’s becoming evident that Kurzweil’s singularity is creeping up ever so much more quickly. I suspect that the Point of Singularity is similar to what we read in our rear view mirrors of our cars everyday: the reality is getting closer than we see – or realize.

Reminds me of that other notable line from the television show, “The Big Bang Theory”, when Sheldon confronts Penny and utters “with great power comes great responsibility.”


For more on this, check out this link:


One thought on “The CIA and Jeff Bezos: Working Together For (Our?) / The Future

  1. welutz Post author

    Reblogged this on shockwaveriderblog and commented:

    Never mind the NSA and PRISM: this is the real overlooked story.
    Back in October of 2012 I wrote this blog article regarding the (quietly) announced a partnership between the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Jeff Bezos of Amazon coming together to create a ‘cloud computing solution based on a AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Quantum Computer system (!).
    Aside from the fact that work on this project is being done outside of the US territory (Vancouver, British Columbia – outside of US jurisdiction) it leaves one asking why the secrecy (the best secrets are those casually announced – and then totally overlooked)? And now, in light of the Snowden affair, it’s apparent that this is the real story for if and when you think about it, the power of being able to know what people are reading gives you a leg on on knowing how they think – something which even PRISM cannot do.
    Minority Report is getting a little closer to reality, and if you don’t believe that, then read this blog piece and ask yourself: why would the CIA want to work with Amazon to create their own “cloud computing solution”? The CIA could do one just as well on their own – or so you’d think,…
    Something to think about the next time you order something from Amazon.



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