Let’s Face It: Some Suck More Than Others,…

..and the same can be said for some cable providers. A series of (hilarious) postings from Patrick Stewart and William Shatner (both former Start Trek captains of the Enterprise) regarding the poor quality of their cable television services is now making the rounds, putting into perspective something that we’ve briefly touched on here at the Shockwaverider blog: cable is a technology whose day is rapidly changing.

To be certain there’s gotta be a use for all that copper somewhere somehow, but for the time period unless the entire approach of controlled distributed subscription television service is changed and re-engineered, it’s not something one can expect to last for the long haul.

Arguably, FIOs is in a better position as it offers fiber optic (and hence, inherently faster and greater programming options) but it too is limited in terms of distance depending on where the consumer resides from the CO (Central Office) – i.e., if the consumer resides more than five miles from the nearest telephone CO, chances are they’re not going to be able to enjoy FIOS.

Which leaves satellite – such as the one recently rolled out by Hughes Aerospace – but again, it too is limited by load capacity: downloads and uploads with satellite can be limited and, as with Direct TV, you’re still going to need access to a DSL line to take advantage of this service.

What are the options?

Stay tuned to find out. Meanwhile, to read both Shanter’s and Stewart’s Twitter accounts about their joy of dealing with their respective cable representatives, click on this link: http://gizmodo.com/5948061/even-star-trek-knows-that-time-warner-cable-is-so-very-terrible

One gets the feeling that both Stewart and Shatner wished they did indeed actually possess working phasers,…!


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